Hackney Council housing chief to be scrutinised

(Photo: flickr.com courtesy Creative Commons)

(Photo: flickr.com courtesy Creative Commons)

The Hackney Councillor responsible for housing will be questioned at Hackney Town Hall about housing issues important to Hoxton residents.

Prior to national changes to social housing and the way homes are built, Labour Councillor Philip Glanville will face concerns about housing issues affecting Hoxton, during a debate on 25 October open to Hackney residents.

Topics, including the Decent Homes programme, estates maintenance and how the social housing waiting list will be tackled, are to be addressed at a town hall Question Time with Council housing chiefs.

Labour Councillor Clayeon McKenzie, in charge of the debate, said: “Social housing reform is progressing quickly and it’s important the Council guarantees the best possible outcomes for residents.”

Although the debate is open to the public and the Council wants to hear residents’ views or concerns, it is not a public debate however.

“Residents who want to play a more active part in the event should contact the Overview and Scrutiny Team in advance on 0208 356 3341 with any questions they wish to ask,” said Grace Douglas, Hackney Council’s Press Officer.

“As cabinet remits are wide, to keep discussion manageable it was agreed for the Overview & Scrutiny Board to focus on three specific areas.”

This will be the Council’s third Question Time Debate. The format was introduced to help the Council improve openness and accountability on areas of special public interest. Previous debates focused on finance, social care and voluntary sector support, with debates on other areas planned for later this year.

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