Promising artist’s new show opens

Chan Sick Head

An award winning young artist’s new exhibition, inspired by dreams and events in the paper, opened at a gallery near Farringdon Station Wednesday. With London’s old jewelry district in nearby Hatton Gardens, other than Leather Lane’s street market, Tintype is surrounded almost exclusively by jewelry and related businesses.

The Back of Your Head, is 25 year-old An Gee Chan’s second show at Tintype, since graduating from the Royal College of Art last year.

Teresa Grimes, one of Tintype’s directors, said: “An Gee’s got a very fresh vision. I’ve never met an artist so completely unaffected by the art world.

It’s rare to meet someone who’s just doing their own thing. She reminds me of Keith Haring or [Jean Michel] Basquiat.”

Born in Hong Kong, much of Ms Chan’s work is autobiographical and she’s started working in different mediums, developing her style.

“There’s two oil paintings in the show and she’s never used oils before plus she’s taught herself to make pots so there’s some ceramics,” explained Ms Grimes.

“She’s experimenting all the time. I suspect that’s going to continue.”

Tintype offer an annual solo show to recent art school graduates. Ms Chan exhibited last year when the gallery was in Shoreditch.

“It was amazing. We were so impressed we wanted to work with her again,” said Ms Grimes.

Chosen as Artist of the Day at London’s prestigious Flowers Gallery, Tintype clearly aren’t Ms Ghee’s only admirers.